Monday, May 6, 2013

Slow Week

She didn't have a lot to report this week. I'll just give you a quote from her email.

"We had stake conference yesterday, and it was so weird, they broadcasted it, and so 64 different stakes out here had it at the same time, and President Uchtdorf, Sister Wixom, Elder Hales and Elder Gay of the 70 spoke. It was like a mini general conference haha (: Elder Uchtdorf's talk was amazing, actually the whole conference was just incredible, but Elder Gay talked about conversion in our families- and he started out by talking about a relative or someone he knew that was a direct descendant of Jedadiah Morgan Grant...that really got my attention!(That got her attention because she is also a descendant of Jedadiah Morgan Grant.) I learned a lot about conversion and how to help our family members out here. It was a really neat conference!"

One of her investigators is close to accepting a baptismal date but her husband is leaving town for awhile and she wants him to be there so it is on hold. They had to drop another one of their investigators because he was high when they went to teach him and he wanted to marry them. It was a bit awkward. She ran into another relative. She is getting to meet relatives she's never even heard of before.

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