Monday, September 16, 2013

A Miracle

"Monday night to Tuesday night we went on exchanges with the sister trainer leader Sister L and her companion Sister M. They are the sisters in Morgantown. I got to go to Morgantown with Sister L. On the drive to Morgantown, Sister L told me we were teaching two Japanese exchange students attending WVU, who were staying at a member's house. The sisters had been printing out pages of the Book of Mormon in Japanese off of for the girls to read, because they hadn't ordered a Book of Mormon in Japanese yet. One of the girls was going back to Japan Thursday, so they didn't order one in time. In my last area, the members  would set extra things they had on the serving counter at the church building for other people to take and leave as they please. One week there was this huge pile of books that anyone was welcome to take. Among the pile was a Japanese Book of Mormon. At first I thought, "I don't really need this...extra crap to carry around", but I was prompted to take the book. Plus it was really cool (: for a whole transfer and a half it sat on my study desk. When I moved here, I packed the book up and never ended up unpacking it. When Sister L mentioned that they were teaching these Japanese girls, I immediately thought of the Japanese copy of the Book of Mormon sitting in my suitcase at home. After exchanges were over the following evening, I  quickly dove through my suitcase to get the book for her to take back to Morgantown. Sunday night, Sister L called because she had heard both of us had been sick that week and wanted to see how we were doing. She also told me the rest of what happened with the Book of Mormon she gave to the girl going home..."

"Wednesday, the day after exchanges ending up being incredibly busy. Everyone they visited decided they needed to take up extra time with them, and by the time they got home it was 10:15. They called the sister that was housing the exchange students to see what time the girl was leaving to catch the bus to go to the airport. She told them that she would be at the bus stop at 6:30 the next morning. Sister L and Sister M got up at 6 AM the next morning, drove to Morgantown and got the book to her not 2 minutes before the bus came. I have a sure testimony and stand as a witness that when the Lord wants something done, he will find a way. He provides the revelation we need and the miracles that occur when we have the faith that he can do all things."

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