Monday, December 16, 2013

"What a Week!"

"The two programs we had went really well. Wednesday was the specialized training (super inspirational, I learn so much from President Pitt every time I listen to him speak), and the musical devotional was Sister Pitts portion of the training. It was really neat. I was super nervous to play a piano solo. I haven't played a piano solo, like in a recital or anything for a long time, but the Lord was with me and I played the song I practiced a brief 4 or 5 times almost perfectly. All the singers and participants did a very good job. The musical fireside at the church was so much fun! I love how relaxed it all was. We had a full house! I have never seen so many people sitting in the chapel until the program. It was such a treat. We didn't get any referrals from it, but we found an inactive church member from it. We had several nonmembers attend, and one performed in the program with Sister M- she plays the flute, so we are having a field day playing together! Our investigator came with her inactive mother, and her two nonmember siblings.She is doing really well- she is progressing quickly, and we're hoping to set her on date again soon."
"Searching for lost referrals is quite an adventure, but that's where the miracles and tender mercies come. We were at a HUDD apartment complex looking for a potential of 2 years ago, but people move in and out of those developments, so we just thought we'd clean up the list a bit. We went to knock on her door, and the door across the hall and one over opened and told us she wasn't there. We met a lady (: she's so sweet- we took her cookies the next day and we left her with a pass along card. We added her to our potential investigators list. The tender mercies of working hard!"
"We did get our tree set up this week! Sister V's mom sent her a late birthday package with every single Disney princess ornament she could we have a Disney princess tree this year. Sister V LOVES the Disney princesses."
"The weather here is so strange. It's nice some days and others it's not. It's been overcast with a cold wind (the humidity does NOT help...) but we live on the border of the warm southern weather and the cold northern weather, so some days it's 25 and others it's 50. December here isn't like Utah. It doesn't start feeling like Utah December until late January. February is the worst winter month out here."
"So we have a cute sister in the branch that is older. She can't leave the house and she has a lot of medical problems. She's home alone all the time. We go visit her every week, usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She got the Forgotten Carols CD from the branch president's wife for Christmas. I took the book and I am reading it out loud for her. Then when we come to the songs, I play the song on the CD so she can hear what it sounds like."
"Sunday morning I woke up feeling really sick. We stayed home from church, and I started to feel much much better throughout the day. I got a priesthood blessing from the branch mission leader and another elder in the branch. They gave me a blessing of healing and of comfort. The blessing was incredible. It was what I needed to hear exactly! I am feeling MUCH better today and everything is going well. I love the blessings I get from serving a mission. (: "

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