Monday, July 14, 2014

Baptisms Next Week

"I have a lot to write. Let me see if I can get it all with the time I have." 

"So our recent convert is doing a lot better. Her 2 nieces and 1 nephew are all getting baptized on Sunday after church. We are so excited!! We are teaching another one of her nieces but it's going to be a slow process with her. Our recent convert had a little bit of a tough week- lots of people trying to convince her not to be a part of the church. She hadn't taken the sacrament the week before because she was ill and couldn't make it to church...which made things a little more difficult for her. She came to church with her nieces and nephew and had an incredible experience. I was asked to play a piano solo in sacrament meeting. I knew that one of her favorites was "Nearer my god to thee". Well, Marvin Goldstein saved the day again, and I had a piano solo arrangement of that song that was perfect. During the sacrament, I was reading the words to kind of prepare me for the kinds of emotions I would put into it as I played. I noticed her sitting next to me, with her eyes closed and head bowed in humble prayer. She had had an incredibly tough week (thank you for the prayers btw), but she was committing to Heavenly father to change and I'm sure she was pleading for peace (she's better now after a perfect week at church). So it was my turn. I was about to put the book back in the slot so I could get ready to go up and play, and she reached for the book. I found the page I was just on for her, and she stuck her finger in it. During my song she followed along with the words. That's a true disciple. Someone who's dedicated to changing despite what the world says."

"Elder Bednar came to Charleston to speak specifically to the youth of West Virginia. The 3 girls got to go hear him speak and shake his hand (: It was incredible!! I never thought that my investigators would get to meet an apostle of whom I just taught them about. Her nephew is so funny...he's 8. His other aunt used to give him a cup of coffee in the morning, and a cup at night when she would drink it. So when we taught him the Word of Wisdom this week, I was not expecting the answer I got.. "WHAT?! Wait a minute. Just wait. Hoollld up. No COFFEE????..." He hasn't had it for a while, and our convert doesn't drink it anymore, so he'll have someone to lean on. He is the cutest little boy!! He's so excited to get baptized!

"So I am out of time. I always try and do 5 things at once on my email. I'm going to print some pictures and send them home with a short letter. We did a couple of really fun things this week!"

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