Monday, June 17, 2013

Great 2nd Week

"Thank you so much for the letters those of you who wrote, and thanks for the emails. This week has been really interesting. It's been a good week, but required a lot of faith and abiding by the spirit. So this week we have had very little luck. We have one investigator on date, but we haven't been able to catch her. She won't return our phone calls, and she won't meet with us. Our other two investigators came to church yesterday! We got them from the zone leaders. They are progressing a lot. Yesterday one of them told us that she thought Sacrament meeting was boring, and asked if she could only come to the last 2 hours of church - in all my life, I have only heard people say that the last two hours are was WAY funny, Sister H. and I laughed a lot about it."

"So because the week has been so bad, the zone leaders have been so good about taking care of us. They heart-attacked our door with sticky notes with scriptures on them, and left us bags of truffles. We have the BEST zone leaders and District leaders."
"I have an assignment for you - Listen to "The missionary next door" if you haven't already. I don't remember who it's by...Diana someone...but EVERY member of the church needs this CD in their home. It is incredible! Keep striving to be good member missionaries, because the work really does start with the members. The members in this ward just need a little "pumping-up" about the work. It's sometimes really hard to get referrals from them, but we keep praying, and we keep realizing that if we keep the faith that the Lord is preparing people for us to teach." (The CD is by Diana Hoelscher and is available at the library.)

"Yesterday before church, Sister H. and I decided we wanted to go early to sacrament meeting and play the piano. I started to mess around on the organ. People started coming in, so I thought that I would play a little prelude to get the Spirit in there, and help others be prepared for sacrament meeting. After a few songs, I stopped playing and went to go greet people, when one of the counselors stopped me and asked, "You play the organ Sister Peck?" I told him I had been learning before my mission, and that it was definitely a work in progress.  He then asked me to play if the ward organist didn't show up. I agreed. She never showed up. I played my first Sacrament Meeting yesterday." (By learning to play the organ, she means the choir director in the singles ward gave her a few pointers so she could accompany one of the Christmas songs for their Christmas program.)

"Tomorrow we are having our first district meeting. I have been asked to play the piano, tell my funniest mission story so far, and to make treats. The District leader has assigned me officially the "treat-maker-piano-player" for our meetings. Can you send me some fun, easy, I'm-feeding-elders recipes? Tomorrow I am making mom's famous peanut butter rice krispy treats. SO excited!!" (If you have any recipes feel free to share them with her.)

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  1. I LOVE those rice krispy treats! Something else to add to my "things I am going to eat the minute I get home" list.