Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Movin' On

"June is finally here, And I have some great news! I am being transferred this week to train and double-in [both missionaries are new to the area] with a  new sister. I found out I was training on Friday of last week. I am being transferred to Christiansburg, Virginia! I will be there for two transfers. . .. I am opening an area, which means new apartment, new car, new companion, new area book, new people to work with, and a new adventure, which means more pictures (: " I'm not sure but it sounds like she is excited. I did a little research and Christiansburg is about 170 miles from where she is now. The town is about the same size in area as Riverton, UT but has a smaller population. The population in Hurricane was less than 8,000 and the population of Christiansburg is around 22,000.

One of her investigators is moving to Washington State. She says once she gets settled she will ask for the missionaries again. "She still has a desire to be baptized and talks about it all the time! We are excited for her! So, because of the transfer, I am packing. The apartment is a disaster, probably about as bad as my room at home (We have been doing some sorting and we are using her room as the holding area. Her dad sent her a picture of it.) Getting rid of a sister and getting ready for a sister is tricky and messy. The weather here has been really nice lately- lots of sunshine. The storms out here have been pretty wild, but luckily we haven't had one in a while."

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