Monday, October 14, 2013

Hello from Charleston!

"Alright- the area, I am sure you are dying to know (: I live in South Charleston. The area is called South Hills. We live like, 3 minutes from the mission office, so you can send everything there, and we go pick it up daily before they forward stuff throughout the mission. We live in a pretty nice apartment. The church building is literally across the street and around the corner! I was so excited to be walking to church to save miles...but of course they are remodeling the building so we have to drive to Sissonsville to go to church (Aunt Lilith's building). President and Sister Pitt are in our ward, and we share with the AP's and with our zone leaders, all fantastic elders. Aunt Lilith and Uncle Gerald are in the 2nd ward, and we are in the first ward.  Uncle Seldon and Uncle Jim and Aunt Linda are in our stake again. I always see Uncle Seldon at Transfers, which is so much fun. It's funny going over to give him a hug, and some of the missionaries look at me like, "what are you doing, hugging a random guy?!?" But then I tell them it's my uncle and they freak out I have family here."
"My companion is Sister K. She is the Sister trainer leader (basically a sister zone leader) and she helps the sisters in our zone and the Parkersburg zone. We will go on 24 hour exchanges with 4 sets of sisters throughout the transfer. I am SO THRILLED for exchanges- one is in my first area, Teay's Valley, and we are exchanging with them this week!! We are also going to exchange with Ripley, and also with the Parkersburg sisters (: I WILL see Aunt Linda this transfer!!) then we will also exchange with the Beckley sisters. All of the sisters we will exchange with are so wonderful, and I am excited to get to know all of them."

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