Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Moving to Charleston.

"I am indeed being transferred. They sure like to move me around...this will be my fourth area. I am going to CHARLESTON (: I actually get to serve in the capital of my mission haha. My companion is sister K. She's a sister trainer leader for the Charleston zone, so I will get to go on exchanges with sisters all over the place- I am really excited to do an exchange in Teay's Valley <3 my first area!"

"Conference was AMAZING! Conference is like Christmas out here. I was really surprised that they didn't announce any new temples. This mission is waiting for the Pittsburg Temple to be announced haha, 2 hours closer than DC. I've been putting the audio of the conference talks on my USB, and we have a USB in our car, so we listen to conference talks in the car when we drive places. I really loved Elder Holland's as usual, and I liked Elder Christopherson's talk about women and their roles.  I also liked Elder Uchtdorf's talk as well, just because it was like, all about missionary work haha! I loved what he said towards the middle... "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your fears." Wall- worthy! That is going in my living room when I have a house."

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