Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween, training and a baptism!

She actually did write a letter last week but it didn't arrive until Saturday. Here is how her week has gone.

"The Pitts (Mission President and his wife) live in our area, so we "dressed up" and went to their house to say hi.Sister K was an Indian, Sister E was a spy, and I was a hillbilly/native West Virginian haha (:  Well, I hope you are enjoying your fall weather. It rained last week, and finally the trees gave one last push of color before they are all starting to fall off. The sky is the bluest blue, and the air smells like fall. It's so wonderful (:

"So the training story...there was a sister in Parkersburg that was having a really hard time and her trainee was Sister E.  So in order to help her, the Pitts pulled both of them out of Parkersburg, and I am finishing Sister E's training. Training is a much better experience this time. All three of us get along so well! It's kind of a party when we drive places, we have AMAZING morning tri-panionship studies, and training itself is really kind of a miracle. I remember having a desire to train, but it was all totally for the wrong reasons. I thought I knew better, and that I could mold the trainee the way I thought a missionary should be, but I was SO wrong. I think that's why me and Sister H's experience wasn't as amazing as I wish it had been. But I have had to pray for the Spirit so hard this transfer, because I have never even looked over the back half of the training booklet. So I just go by what the Spirit asks me to do, and we all have a great time! We have some really amazing experiences together."
"This week I have "caught a glimmer" of what true Charity is like. We were in the car driving to a less active member's house, and we were listening to this CD that reflects the life of Christ on it. There are piano/cello arrangements, and it's just this wonderful CD that just reminds you of the Savior. One of the songs is titled "The Pool of Bethesda" and when you listen to it, it totally reminds you of the new Bible video, and pictures of those people waiting by that pool to just be healed. But then Christ comes and triumphs as usual over man's vain thinking that just stepping into motioned waters can heal them. Then Christ heals the man, and it happens to be the Sabbath, and the Pharisees (which I have really grown to dislike) try to accuse him, etc. You know the story. But then I also kind of thought of the painting by Greg Olsen called " O Jerusalem". Christ is sitting on this hill overlooking Jerusalem. I put myself in the position of Christ, and I thought to myself, "O Charleston...Wilt though not repent and come to the Savior? Wilt though not cast away thy sins and be baptized by water and by fire?" and while I was sitting in the front seat of our little car, driving through the trees and fall foliage, I mourned for the city of Charleston. I mourned for the state of West Virginia. I mourned for those in other places that wouldn't accept the gospel if they were offered it, because their heart wasn't open to it's promptings. I felt the way Christ does! It was the neatest thing! I had never felt that way. I mourned so much that I cried for the people here. It was totally unreal."

"So do you remember that media referral/golden investigator in Bridgeport? She's getting baptized this weekend, or was baptized on Saturday...either way, she's been converted!!! So I have officially been a part of someone's conversion (: "

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