Monday, November 11, 2013

Stake Conference and a Family Reunion

"Yay for p-days! I'm emailing from Sister Pitt's iPad today. The library is closed. Again...I hate Monday holidays. So a lot has happened this week! I have so much to tell you, so my news will be somewhat brief. Monday last week we went hiking in the Kanawha forest. We hiked up a way steep trail, that we thought was a different trail. I about died. Hiking the hills of West Virginia is not as fun as it sounds...But the leaves were way pretty and we all had a good time. We took the sisters serving in Teays Valley."

"Friday Elder Joseph Sitati of the Seventy came and spoke to us. It was amazing! I learned so much about my purpose as a missionary. His wife is a cutie pie, her accent was very thick and sometimes she was a little difficult to understand, but she still had a great message. Of course I played the piano :)"
"This weekend was stake conference! Saturday night two of the missionaries in the stake were speaking in the adult session so we all got to go to the adult session of conference. The Beckly sisters were staying with us all weekend, and going home Sunday afternoon, so we had an extra companionship staying at our apartment. Saturday morning I woke up not feeling well. Apparently several other sisters have felt the same way that I have felt this weekend, so it was some bug thing going around. It felt like I had mono again, and you can't get mono twice, so I knew this wouldn't last too long.  It got worse throughout the day, and finally I had to ask to go home and sleep. I slept for a good two hours, and Sister K and one of the Beckly sisters came back from Beckly (we were doing exchanges Saturday before conference) and I woke up and felt well enough to go. The first person I saw walking in to the chapel was Aunt Linda. Aunt Linda and I basically ran to each other from across the chapel haha we were so so SO excited to see each other! We sat next to each other during conference. Towards the end of the meeting, I started feeling like I had that afternoon. Uncle Seldon was sitting behind us, Uncle Gerald was running electronic things, and Uncle Jim was with Aunt Linda. I asked them to give me a blessing before they left. Uncle Gerald and Uncle Seldon gave me a blessing. It was a real treat to get a blessing from family. I woke up the next morning with a little bit of a stuffy nose, and I felt great the remainder of Sunday. Sunday was way neat! I saw a ton of people from Teays Valley (her first area)."
"We picked up a new investigator this week! He's totally elect, so ready for the gospel!  But he was so funny at our first lesson we had with him. We were teaching him about how God only has one gospel, and he totally agreed that God only had one gospel. After we said that he laughed and said "God's probably thinking, 'you idiots!" We laughed forever, because occasionally we ponder whether or not Heavenly Father face palms it every once in a while, with everyone thinking what they do out here hahaha :)"

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