Monday, February 3, 2014

Miracles and swimming with whales

"Boy has it been a week! So much to share!! Best, birthday, EVAH. I got the chance to swim with whales for my 20th birthday"

"One of our sister training leaders was on exchanges with Sister M. The morning of my birthday during work out time, Sister M distracted me, and we went into her apartment and played volleyball against the wall. We were totally into it, it was so hilarious. Meanwhile, Sister H (who said she wasn't feeling well) had shut herself in the bathroom. After I went into the other apartment with Sister M, Sister S (our leader staying with us)
slipped into the bathroom with Sister H...and they painted a giant ocean scene with washable finger paint on the tile walls of the shower. It's totally my dream to swim with whales one day, so that's what they got me for my birthday (: It was so neat! But alas, the whale named WALLter had to migrate, so we have a white tile shower again. It's so boring. It was so neat. Sister H has been hired to do that to my shower when I have a house of my own haha- she is so talented! So that's the picture of the whale on the wall. It was enormous!!" 

"We picked H's boyfriend up as a new investigator. The branch is having a temple trip this weekend and they want to go up with them to see the visitors center and the temple.We are totally teaching a family. It makes me cry- I've only taught couples and individuals, so this family is a huge miracle for me. This family is SO ELECT. I am so grateful for it. They all came to church yesterday, so we had 2 investigators at sacrament meeting- the most I have had since Christiansburg. We also picked up someone the day after my birthday, so not only did I see miracles on my birthday, but this whole week has just been the biggest miracle ever!! (Which probably means, that since everything has picked up in this area, I will most likely be transferred...that's how it always seems to work with me...)"

"Piano lessons are going well. I have one of the sisters I am teaching in the branch playing one of the Primary songs this week. They are working perfectly."

"I love you all!! Remember that miracles happen everyday- we have to be worthy to understand and notice them...always be worthy to experience miracles in your life! (:"

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