Monday, January 27, 2014

11 Months, a Kitten, It Pays to Listen, and the Avengers

"Today is my 11th month mark. ew. I turn 20 this week. ERMERGERSH. I'm so old!! ):

"So this week was a lot of fun! Lots of different adventures, for sure. Thursday this week was our LA (less active) friend N's birthday. She turned 73. She's so darling. She's also very lonely, and a couple of weeks ago, we found a lady that has like, 30 cats she's trying to get rid of. We asked her if she would like a kitten, and we got one for her for free from this lady and we took it to her for her birthday. It is the cutest thing! It's this little black and white kitten, and since we don't know if its a girl or a boy (we think it's a girl) we named it Nemo, like Captain Nemo and like Nemo the fish (: She is madly in LOVE with this cute little thing, it just loves on you. It is a way cute kitty and she loves it so much. She's a lot less lonely now, and she's definitely happier."

"Sunday, oh geez, so funny. So we had branch conference, and a counselor in the Stake Presidency came and spoke to us. He talked in sacrament meeting, and in the middle of his talk, he randomly calls me up to talk about some of the things that Elder Nielson talked about. He was talking about the trip to Charleston, and that he got to go. It was SO FUNNY. I was making faces at the baby in the row in front of me, and all of a sudden I hear him say "I would now like to call Sister Peck up to the stand to talk a little about the conference they just had in Charleston". I was mortified. I felt everyone's eyes turn to me, so I slowly walked up to the stand and gave like, a 3 minute schpeel about what happened in Charleston. It was hilarious. I couldn't think of what to say. I learned that I should pay more attention to what the stake leader is talking about in sacrament meeting. I didn't see that one coming at all!"

"Our investigators are doing well. H is very pregnant, and we probably won't get to meet with her until after she has her baby, but we at least made contact with her, so she'll remember us when she is back to normal. But we found a new investigator this week, and she is totally awesome! Her name is L, and she lives under N (I'm tellin' ya, we are going to CONVERT all of building L!!) She was a referral from N. L goes up and visits with her a lot. Yesterday before we went to our dinner appointment we knocked on her door, and she very excitedly took the Book of Mormon and was like, "you should come back and teach me about this! maybe all of us can meet in N's apartment". GOOOLLDEEEN!! She basically set herself up for a member present lesson, which is one of THE best key indicators you can hit during a week."

"Piano lessons are going great! There's a cute little Spanish family that comes, and the other sisters just picked them up as investigators!! So this piano class is totally working. I'm so happy!! Sister H is an amazing artist, and she usually draws during the class. She sketched the Bedford four as Avengers this week! It was so cool- I am Ironman, Sister M is Thor, Sister B is Captain America, and Sister H is the Hulk. We play this game- whenever we are talking about groups of four out of the scriptures, movies, books, whatever, we all tag each other as those characters. So the Avengers came up and we all chose who would be who, based on personality or looks or whatever. It is SO much fun! haha (:"

"I love you all, and I am so grateful that I am out here doing what I am doing."

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