Monday, January 6, 2014

What? Staying in Bedford?! YAY!!!

"The transfer news- I DID NOT get transferred. I am staying in Bedford, which is what I was hoping would happen, so YAY! (: My new companion is Sister H. She is so much fun. We have such a fun time together. Sister M and I were hoping to serve together, but we both stayed and are helping our new companions learn about the area to help it grow. The day of transfers, Sister M and I got to serve together. We both got here and had basically the same ideas and dreams for Bedford, but couldn't really put them into action because our companions weren't as all for it, or couldn't handle the awesomeness of our vision haha...we sat in the bathroom and wrote on their giant mirror with Expo marker all the ideas we had. We came up with a vision for the area, based off of the branch mission plan which hasn't really changed over the past four years. The vision is that the Branch will be a Ward by the end of 2014. Our goal is to have 100 people actively at sacrament by the end of the transfer (which right now we're at about 85ish.) We both love our new companions and the four of us are looking forward to working together a ton this transfer."

"We still have the same investigators, but because of our vision and goals and plans for this area, our focus has changed a little bit. We have placed our focus on part member families and the less actives of our branch. The transfer so far has just been finding those families. We have one sweet girl, who is a member, the niece of a less active family. She wants to serve a mission in 4 years, so we have permission to take her out with us. We're trying to get this family to come back. They've been in and out of the church for years. We visited them this week, and we fell in love with this family."

"I hope y'all are having a great week! I miss you and love you. Keep praying for the missionary efforts."

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