Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bunnies, McPizza and Pastors

This is taken from her last email to me. "Yeah!! spring is definitely springing! The buds on the trees are more visible. There are frogs instead of crickets here that "chirp" at night, and they come out when it starts to warm up. The rabbits in our yard are cute little grey brown ones. We've seen at least three in our yard. We see a lot of birds, squirrels and the deer are starting to come out. Because WV is mostly forest, deer are all over, and it's common to see the deer in neighborhoods and fields in the middle of town. We have seen a bunch of Cardinals...they are sooo beautiful!"

"We had to drive to Spencer for our District meeting, which is about a half an hour away. We went to McDonalds for a light lunch, and you will never guess what we ordered. The McDonald's in Spencer has a PIZZA LICENSE. We had a McPizza. It was soooo weird. But now I can say that I have eaten a pizza at McDonalds. BLEH. hahah!" I'm guessing she didn't like it.

"We are teaching the pastor today at noon. I am SO nervous. We have been praying and studying about what to say. But yes we have concluded that bearing our testimony is the right thing to do." This pastor gave the mother of a girl that loves our church some anti-Mormon literature so now her mom makes her go to the pastor's church. An inactive family arranged for Elizabeth and her companion to meet with the pastor. Stay tuned to find out how it went.

I finally figured out how to put the pictures she sends to us on the blog. On March 16, they found a "leprechaun" standing outside a pub advertising for St. Patrick's Day so they stopped and had their picture taken with him.

 Elizabeth and her companion found this army hat in their apartment. They decided to keep it.
On their way home from a district meeting they saw this riverboat. It reminded her of the movie "Princess and the Frog."

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