Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yeah for investigators!

Elizabeth didn't email until today. They had interviews with the mission president yesterday so that pushed P-day off until today. I'll let her tell in her own words about her week.

"Our meeting with the pastor fell through again, and we didn't get to go to Mass. We went to Adoration on Wednesday morning.. it was so strange. Definitely a feeling of reverance in the chapel, but the priesthood presence just wasn't there. But we had a few really incredible things happen on Sunday. 
Sunday we had an investigator come to church, and he LOVED it! He got to stay for the baptism we had for an investigator of the Elders too, and he said that he thought it was really neat. We are teaching him about the plan of Salvation today, and we are soo excited!! The baptism was for a 16 year old YW. She was fellowshipped by a less active member of the church. The two of them are amazing friends. She was baptized Sunday, a month after the elders introduced her to the gospel. At her baptism, the ward mission leader asked me and my companion to be at the top of the font stairs to hold her towel. She came out of the font a whole different person. It was incredible. I wrapped her towel around her front, and we sat there and cried for a few minutes. She kept saying how amazing she felt, and how clean she was. I told her that that was just the beginning, and that my companion and I were so excited to teach her the new member lessons. That Sunday, I realized how amazing the gift of eternal life is, and how thankful I am for the Savior’s example of baptism. We can be made clean through the Sacrament weekly…which is SO BEAUTIFUL. I know that through the Savior’s atonement, all men can be made clean, and we can live in peace and rest for eternity. I totally thought of her in an eternal perspective. I saw her being sealed in the temple. I saw her going through for herself. I saw her salvation- and if she makes the right decisions the rest of her life, All that the Lord has promised her will be hers, and she will live with her Heavenly Father again, with the rest of us that have made those same covenants and kept the commandments with all diligence. Anyway…hahah that has been my great missionary experience of the week."

In case you are following the blog every week, she said that P-day is Wednesday next week because of transfers. 

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