Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ticks, the pastor (finally!) and strum sticks

Elizabeth is a much better storyteller than I am so I'll just give you direct quotes from her email.

"This past weekend we did exchanges with the Huntington sisters again, and this time Sister C and I were companions (: it was SOOOO fun!!! We have become really good friends over a course of a few weeks.) We got to participate in an "adopt-a-highway" clean up Saturday morning together, and it was so perfect for Earth Day! However, we found ticks on our clothes on the way home...Sister J said later that the ticks get really bad out here. Good thing I have tick repellent in my mosquito repellant stuff! Ticks are so gross."
"We finally did have lunch with the pastor! It's way funny, cause we actually tracted into this guy back in March. Didn't know he was the same person. He's more like a teacher at the church he belongs to. He also teaches history. He wants to do a radio show with a few people from different religions, and sort out some of the misconceptions about these different religions, mormons included. Our president doesn't want us participating, but we did sit down and answer his questions. Unfortunately we didn't get to really teach him. They were all superficial questions about our takes on some scriptures, the sacrament and who Joseph Smith was. He was open to learning about the gospel, but more for other purposes, and not for himself. The TWO HOURS we spent talking to him Sister J and I feel like were kind of a waste of time. We didn't really get to help him come to Christ. It was kind of lame, but the roasted tomato asiago something or other bagels at the resturaunt were so so so good."
"We have a new investigator! She had visited with previous sisters, but something happened between her and them that made her turn away from learning about the church anymore, but now she feels like it's time to try again...and me and her connect REALLY well!!! I love her so much!! During exchanges me and Sister C went to her house and we made homemade spring rolls and teriyaki chicken! I LOVED the spring made me think of making won tons and having Chinese with grandpa. Good times with chinese! (: "
"I was introduced to a new instrument on Sunday!! That family that has gone Catholic have this three stringed 3 1/2 ft long ukulele thing called a strum stick. Youtube it!!! They are sooo cool!!! I may or may not have to buy one towards the end of my mission!! Last night we went to the BYU-Idaho symphony concert. Lilith, Gerald, and Seldon were there (: I love running into them!" These are some of her relatives that live in West Virginia.

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