Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Drum Roll Please

"So you will never guess what's happening (: I'm staying in Bluefield, again!! With Sister P! 4 transfers in Bluefield- apparently my work here isn't done. I am so excited!!!!!! I really want to end my mission here, but we will see what the Lord has in store for me."

"So update on everything. Holy heck has this been an amazing week. I have seen so many amazing things, not just as a missionary, but as a person, a daughter in God's kingdom."

"Investigators- we are picking up so many, it's crazy. Most of them are kids that our recent convert is raising, her nieces and nephews, etc. We have two of them on date for baptism on July 13th.We are also teaching her friend and her 2 kids. Man, these southern kids are firecrackers! They are touched by the spirit so deeply, and they have a desire to really know about God and about how a family is really supposed to function...all of these kids come from super broken families."

"So one sister we are teaching is legally blind. She's kind of been putting off reading the book of Mormon, because she has been having a hard time reading. She can't see to read or write well. Sunday morning, she woke up at 5 AM so she could be ready for church. We had a member picking her up around 9:30. She got up at 5 so she could get ready for church, and so she could read the book of Mormon. We got her a large print, and she sat down, adjusted what she could, and diligently read only HALF a page in 2nd Nephi. Talk about prepared. She enjoyed every minute of church, paid her tithing, and told us she knew what we were teaching her was true. It was amazing."

"We had our last specialized training with the Pitts last week. It was one of the hardest meetings I have had to attend. I will probably see the Pitts next time in their home. At the conclusion of the teaching portion of this awesome meeting, we gathered in a large circle in the gym, and each missionary took a turn bearing their testimony of Christ. Then the Pitts gave their departing testimonies, and we all knelt in our final prayer together as a  zone. President bestowed blessings in this prayer upon our spouses, and our children that were being prepared to come to us. It was powerful. Sister P and I bawled. I had never felt so close to my future family in my life. It's like all of our children were in that room, watching us."

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