Monday, June 30, 2014

Nap Time, please?

"Not a whole lot to report this week I guess. Tired. REALLY tired. I can feel it all coming at me. I'm slowly crashing..."

"Investigators are doing well. One is still out of town, we really hope she is doing ok. Hoping to teach her and put her on date this week. The kids are doing well too. They have come to church the allotted times they have to come, but obviously we challenge them to come for the rest of their lives. They love Young women's. They go to mutual on Wednesdays, too. We are teaching yet another one of her cute girls.  She's super prepared, reading the Book of Mormon and all. Our recent convert's family is very prepared."

"I'm sure ya'll are dying to hear about our convert's patriarchal blessing. Holy amazing. I cried during a couple of parts, the spirit was so strong. She had some really amazing promises and blessings given to her, and she had a really neat spiritual experience receiving them. She continues to progress. She is awesome (: I fetching love her."

"I've decided I want to go to the home ward when I get home...I'm not ready for the singles ward yet, and probably won't be for a while. I would love to serve in the young womens if God lets me."

"I hope ya'll had and have a great week. Sorry this is so short, and sorry nothing terribly exciting happened this week, especially with sheep haha...I hope to hear from you soon."

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