Monday, June 23, 2014

T-Minus 79 Days

"...But who's counting, right? haha (: My companion and I have been a little trunky this week...wait, did I just say that?...16 months came fast. I wasn't watching for it at all, it just kind of, slapped me awake yesterday when I realized that I only had 11 weeks left...WOAH. Brain blown."

"...Let's talk missionary- This week was awesome (: Not as great as standard week, we had some trials and our faith tested a little bit. Our miles are running short- I guess that is what happens when you are on the Lord's errand and driving everywhere to teach everyone. So we walked in 80-some odd degree weather, and like 75% humidity. I have some great lookin' tan lines."

"Our investigators are doing awesome! I love the kids we're teaching. They are all so full of faith and eager to learn. We picked up a new one of our convert's nephews this week. He is 8 years old. STOLE my heart right out of me. He is the biggest sweetheart. He's solid too, he loves to learn which makes things so much easier. He's an awesome reader, and we got him a children's Book of Mormon to read with our recent convert each night. She is so awesome- she got the elders 6 new people to teach in the last 2 weeks. She's got a lot of family she's trying to introduce to the gospel between our area and the elders' area."

"So Saturday we did something pretty once-in-a-lifetime. Our bishop has a farm. About 3 weeks ago he invited us to come help him herd, tag, and give shots to his sheep. It was us, the 2 sets of elders and our recent convert tagged along. (she had a total blast) Bishop invited us over again this last Saturday. Same crew. He told us we were castrating his males...we totally thought he was kidding. He was totally serious. So we castrated and gave shots to his sheep. It was really fun actually. It poured in the middle of it. I just gave shots to them, I couldn't do the rest...ugh..."

"So yesterday church was very temple oriented! The DC temple president came and spoke to us in sacrament meeting. Our recent convert and I both loved his talk. One thing that really stuck out was when he said that we came to earth to go to the temple. It was super powerful! Then we talked a little bit more about making and keeping temple covenants. She is so excited to get her endowments out next spring."

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