Monday, August 4, 2014

Living up a holler with my truck

"Alright, alright. Kentucky really isn't all that bad. But it is definitely different. Let me tell you a little about my first weekend in Kentucky."

"The Lord really surprised me this time. I wasn't expecting anything fancy, just another missionary area. On the front of my planners, I usually have a quote or picture that ends up relating itself to a transfer theme. A lot of things happen during the transfer that involve the cover of my planner and it ends up summing up my transfer lol...This transfer's cover is a quote by Joseph Smith- "Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven." I had to sacrifice leaving Bluefield big time, but since I have left, I have been blessed temporally and spiritually in so many ways. Heavenly Father really wants me to end my mission a solid, successful missionary, and the extra blessings must have come from working so hard in Bluefield. I'm not entirely sure. Still trying to figure that out."

"We live up a holler...lined with rose bushes. Our apartment complex is something out of a travel magazine. We have a pool and a gym- I go run at the gym every morning...the Lord really blessed me, I finally have a treadmill again. We drive a 2014 Nissan Terrain. Um, my next car will be a used truck or jeep. I'd really like a Jeep Wrangler. Sister H doesn't really like to drive, so I get to drive the truck (: it is the funnest thing ever!!"

 "We serve in a branch. It's smaller than Bedford, there was a whopping 45 people at church yesterday, lol. Services were nice, the ward members are great! Lots of young couples studying medical things at UPike and UK. It's fun to see new babies again. I don't think I saw any in Bluefield. The building is tiny!

The chapel has a divider and they use it as the relief society and priesthood rooms. There isn't a gym, not even a quarter sized one. The primary room is half the size of ours. The whole building is cute and little. My piano skills will be used, yes. The ward pianist and her family are moving in a week, lol."

"We have quite a few investigators. I haven't met all of them but the ones I have met are really promising. We don't have any on date, we're going to try and set about 4 on date this week though. Pikeville needs some work. There's a lot of clean up to do with the paperwork and we need to pick our numbers up out of the gutter. Still working hard, trying to make my last 5 weeks the best! The first day I got here I was seeing so many miracles. There is so much potential here, and we have a lot of work to do. But I am seeing the fruits of my labors, and I am really actually...happy."

"Transfer meeting on Wednesday was really bittersweet. My MTC companion went home. She took the early transfer. I would have been home this week if I had taken the early transfer. I can't believe how time has flown. I'm really glad I took the late transfer though. I saw a lot of elders and sisters at this meeting that I probably won't see again till they come home. It was so wierd. Everyone was like, "Sister Peck, isn't this your last transfer?" I teared up a little every time I thought about it. I am really excited but not at the same time. It's one of those things, lol."

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  1. People from Bluefield want to know: If you cannot even step over a baby gate, how do you climb into that truck?? ;-*