Monday, August 25, 2014

Wet, Wet, Wet

"A saying that they have in these here parts of Ken-tucky is "If God be willin' and the creek don't rise." Well, the creek rose this week. a little too high. "

"We have had a very wet week. We had severe slow moving thunder storms over like, 8 different counties including ours on Friday night. It poured for about 4 1/2 hours, causing serious flash flooding, mudslides, and rising creeks/rivers. There are still areas that are needing severe clean up. The side of the road at the base of our holler fell into the creek next to it was pretty awkward. There was a mudslide right below our apartment building. It literally is like, 20 ft from the top of the mudslide. One town about 30 minutes from Harold got completely closed off from in and outgoing traffic because it was so flooded and the damage was so bad. People are still cleaning up their hollers. Everything is still a mess."

"Besides wet, things here in KY are going alright. The work this week was really hard. We didn't get to see a lot of our investigators this week, and the thunderstorms were so bad every day this week we didn't get to work as much as we had hoped to. This week is going to be killer though, I am super excited! We are seeing really neat miracles with our investigators. We have two we visited this week who are both really new investigators and haven't been taught really anything yet. When we committed both of them to read the Book of Mormon, we had hopes that they would, but they are both super busy with their own lives, we figured we probably wouldn't get them to read. When we went to see both of them this week, both of them had read different chapters in the Book of Mormon. It was so sweet, and such a tender mercy. They are both very prepared and ready to receive the gospel, so we are going to continue to visit them more frequently."

"We have been working with our members in finding new people to teach. We don't get a whole lot of dinner appointments because everyone lives so far. But we always get Sunday dinner, and we always get Wednesday night dinner with the same families. The younger couples come out with us when they are available, but most of them are young married couples with kids and a med student husband. So we work with what we have."

"Well, things are officially coming to a close...and it makes me so hyped up with so many different emotions. I gave my first departing testimony last Tuesday at my last zone conference with the mission president. I almost choked up, but I did pretty good."

In zone conference, our mission president also announced the upcoming movie, "meet the Mormons". I guess it's supposed to be a really big thing- its supposed to help others see what Mormons are really all about, and clear up misconceptions and such. he and his wife saw this movie in the MTC.

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