Monday, July 8, 2013

"I freaking love being a missionary!!"

"What a great week- So many stories and miracles. We have had one awesome week!!"

It has been raining every day off and on for about a week and a half. Wednesday (Jul 3) Sister H and I were out contacting some referrals. We walked cause it wasn't too far away, and on the way home the wind picked up and it started to rain. We had umbrellas, but they weren't doing ANY good whatsoever. Sister H finally put her umbrella down and said, "What the heck?!" I put my umbrella down, and we walked the torrential downpour. We soaked all the way through our garments! It was one of those "being a missionary is supposed to be FUN" moments. That is something I will never forget about my mission."

"So on to the reeeaally good stuff. We have experienced some mighty miracles this week. and I have gained a huge testimony on being specific with our prayers... 

So Wednesday, after our playtime with the rain, we went to visit a former investigator to see if she was still interested, which she was, so that was a blessing. Her neighborhood is a cute town home neighborhood. . . White is the minority, and everyone we have met in this neighborhood have been SO nice to us!! So after we visited her, we decided to tract this neighborhood. Before we did, Sister H prayed that we would specifically find someone in this neighborhood who was ready to hear the gospel. She plead that we desperately needed an investigator. The 2nd door we knocked on we met a woman. She has been searching for the Gospel for 40 some odd years. She has learned just about every religion you can think of, Christian and non-christian alike. We introduced ourselves and she came out on the front porch and listened to our message. We taught her the restoration on her doorstep...and she invited herself to church. Our second lesson with her we took a 3-yr convert in our ward, and it went so perfect. we taught the plan of salvation, and she said "this sounds so familiar, like I've heard it before". We went back the next day, and we taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ lesson. She straight up told us that she knew the Book of Mormon was true, she KNEW that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that what we were teaching her had all the answers to her questions she has had all her life. We invited her to be baptized, by proper priesthood authority (which some people have a hard time understanding the priesthood, but she said it just made so much sense) on July the 20th, and she asked what she needed to do to be baptized. We explained to her a brief summary of the word of wisdom, and she committed to quick drinking coffee and smoking that day, and we briefly touched on tithing and the law of chastity, and she flat-out committed to living both of them. She said quitting smoking will be hard, but she has faith she can do it as long as she puts it in the Lord's hands. After she accepted the baptismal invitation, I was inspired by the spirit to tell her a little about temples and baptisms for the dead. She said that that was the most BEAUTIFUL thing she had ever heard. She wants to do her temple work for her mom. We looked up temples on the internet with her, and she is SO thrilled to go there someday."
"Her conversion took place in 5 DAYS. The Lord prepares his people, and when we specifically ask to find people, the Lord sends them to us. I didn't think anything that incredible would happen on my mission. I have been looking through my journal lately at some of my experiences that I have had in my last area and so far on my mission. I have learned so much and grown so much, and I feel like this is the real missionary work I was sent here to do. "
"After we met with her the first time, we proceeded to tract the neighborhood, and we gave out 2 BofM's to her neighbors. This neighborhood is SO READY FOR THE GOSPEL!!!! We also found a former (investigator) that has also been so prepared to hear the gospel. He's been investigating for 3 YEARS, and we came to him and he asked about getting baptized. Geez, the church is true!! I freaking love being a missionary!!!"
"I have noticed the blessings that come from being on a mission- they are immense and incredible. It's weeks like these when I wish I could be a missionary forever."

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