Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Transfers - Staying in Christiansburg

"I am staying here. I have a new companion starting tomorrow. She came out with me. Sister H is going up to Huntington with Sister C from Riverton. I am really excited to be companions with this sweet sister!"

"This week we had a ward fun night that me and Sister H put together - we tie dyed shirts. After the activity
was over, we stayed to clean up and ended up locking up the building cause everyone else had left. The weather had been gorgeous all day, but then around 3ish it started to build and create storm clouds. The sunset was unreal. It faded from a deep blue-grey to this gorgeous orange-pink color. The sky was so so so beautiful. It reminded me of some of the sunsets we see at the Great Salt Lake."

"Our investigator is still progressing like crazy. She wants to be baptized so bad. She was so elect, she already has a testimony of Joseph Smith and latter-day prophets. Even better...her husband is totally interested, but he's really good about not totally showing it. He sat in our lesson last night when we went over, and he asked a ton of questions. She says that they talk about it all the time, and that he has never asked questions like that before. "He's totally interested" she said. We promised her, because we are messengers of God and we can do that, that when she got baptized,  her husband would follow. And I know he will. The Lord is totally preparing him." 

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