Monday, July 1, 2013

Sushi, rain and fireflies

"So, this week I made sushi for the first time (: I'm sending pictures. We had a pretty good week. We've
been working with the members on this way cool challenge, I'll send one home this week for you guys to do!" She didn't send any more details about her sushi making. I guess the picture is worth a thousand words.
"Sorry the weather has been gross back home ): It keeps raining here. It's monsoon season, can't say much else. A couple of days ago we were taking a break during the day and this huge storm blows out of no where, and the thunder was so loud it shook the basement door. We usually don't hear the thunder because we are below the house, but we definitely heard it. I secretly have wanted to experience a tornado because we are living in a basement, but at the same time I don't. We were under tornado watch about 3 weeks ago for a day, but it went away too soon hahah....I would just feel bad for the rest of the ward/town cause they aren't moles and don't hide in the apartment during the morning and night. but...service opportunities (: 
There is a pool in the backyard, and they're opening it next terrestrial-aquatic side is dying really slowly inside of heart ache for the water."
"Sister I's garden is looking really nice! I'm hoping that one day I can have a big garden like hers. I have really fallen in love with gardening lately. It's the one thing that I can get dirty and be close to nature on my mission."

"The fireflies are out (: There is a neighbor across the street who has a massive backyard, and we see fireflies ALL THE TIME out there. It's like a Disney movie, it is so unreal. I like to drive home in our country-esque neighborhood with the lights off so that we can see the hundreds of fireflies. We've spent a couple of evenings after planning just out trying to catch them or even film them on our cameras, but you just can't capture the magic of fireflies."

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