Monday, August 19, 2013

Much Better Week

"This week has been a WHOLE lot better. Lots of great things happened this week. First of all, we have 2 new investigators, and a potential family. They all live in the trailer park B(another investigator) lives in, so that makes things easier haha."
"Tuesday we had zone conference in Pembroke. It was really good- it's almost like general conference, we get all the good juicy mission announcements there haha...President got a call from church Headquarters asking if we could take 20-30 more sister missionaries by the end of the year. We are supposed to reach our "quota" by November. Because the limit of sisters is expanding, the mission is going to as well. We are splitting several of our zones in half, making 4 new zones, and ten new districts. We have 32 missionaries coming in next week. We are putting a sister trainer leader in each zone. (It's like a sister being a zone leader). We're all really excited about the big changes happening in our mission- so many awesome things!"
"Saturday was the ward mission leader's birthday. He took the missionaries out to dinner to a really fancy restaurant called the Farmhouse. It was so classy. I felt like I was almost out of place cause I was so used to eating at members' homes. It was really fun! There's a FroYo shop out here like Menchies, called "Sweet Frog". F-fully R-rely O-on G-God. It's obvious that I am serving in the Bible belt if they sell shirts that have that on it."
"Sister I's garden is producing. tomatoes, squash, and ground cherries. Her grapes are starting, and her zucchini is also ready to harvest. Backing up a little, unlike Utah, we have had some really unusual weather this year according to the locals. It's rained for weeks here. While you have had record heat, we have had record rainfall. It pours all the time here.  It's actually starting to feel like Fall. The temperatures have dropped dramatically. 60s and low 70s for several weeks."
"Sunday we got to teach the senior Primary sharing time. We talked about prayer. It was really fun, and the eight yr old that lives above us asked us last night if we would always be teaching Primary from now on. We told him no and he moaned. Apparently we did a decent job haha."

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