Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Transfer Week - Movin' On

"Transfer week is finally here. I will be serving in.....BRIDGEPORT WV! With Sister H, the sister who CALLED ME the weekend of my farewell to welcome me to the mission. Isn't that hilarious?! I keep serving with sisters that knew me somehow before the mission. Strange. I'm being zig zagged all over the mission, started in the middle, went to the bottom, now back up to the top haha I love the change!"
"Welp I have officially been out for 6 months. Those months have FLOWN. I do not even understand where all of this time is going. It's so sad yet so exciting at the same time."

"HAHA way funny story- this happened this morning. We locked ourselves out of our apartment, and left our keys and our phone inside. We had no idea what to do. It was wild. Sister O started pulling bobby pins out of her hair, and grabbed her debit card out of her wallet and started to pick the lock. The lock was a total piece of junk, and all we had to do was pull the door towards us, and push the lock and part of the knob back into the door. We totally got in. It was hilarious."

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