Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Staying in Bluefield

"Funny story, so me and Sister E got a text from our zone leaders Saturday saying that if we invited 5 people to learn randomly that night, he would tell us if one of us was leaving. Our zone leaders called and said  "Sister Peck, you are staying...and Sister E, you are..going...NOWHERE!" So we are staying together in Bluefield yet another transfer. We are both really excited!! Lots of good things are going to happen this transfer, we can feel it. We have a couple of really hard working elders coming into our ward (we share the ward with two other sets of elders) and we have high hopes that they will be ready to work, cause this ward has officially become a project, not just for the missionaries, but for the members of the ward council and hopefully the remaining ward members."

"Spring is around the corner. I am so sick of the weather. Snow. 40 degrees. 70. Snow. 30 degrees. 64. Snow. I swear, I am done. I just want to send my winter stuff home. Everyone keeps saying "oh Spring is here, the harbinger has spoken, blah blah..." yeah, tell that to me when it snows again next week."

"One of our investigators is on date for April 12th. She is so amazing, every lesson we have with her the spirit is so strong. Yesterday we taught her about the temple. Her favorite temple is the Salt Lake. She is so excited to come to Utah to go through the temple next spring. I am constantly amazed at her faith and testimony. We're gonna baptize this girl!! She's so ready!"

"I am way excited for the meeting on Saturday, and I am SUPER excited for general conference. Well, that's pretty much all for this week. I am so grateful to be on a mission!! Thank you all for your love and support. Y'all are FANTASTIC! (: hope to hear from you soon."

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