Tuesday, May 6, 2014

3 Transfers in the Same Area? Could it be?

"Holy. Week. of Miracles."

"...but first, transfer info...I am STAYING IN BLUEFIELD!!! I prayed that I would get to stay and see our investigator be baptized (May 18th, by President Pitt himself). My prayers were answered. I got a call from President this morning saying that the reason she has progressed so much is because of me. I have been so blessed- I have come to see her as an older sister. She means a lot to me. I realized that because it's so hard for her to open up to others, that she should have someone to open up to. So when I opened up to her, she opened up to me. I feel like the past sisters that taught her treated her like a baptism stat and didn't actually take the time to get to know her. I freaking love her. She has changed my life, as we have helped change hers."

"My new companion is Sister P- One of the three sisters I went to High School with. She is so nice, and I am really excited to be serving with her! Sister E is going north to Philippi. She is transitioning an area from a senior couple going home to a set of young missionaries. She will have the nicest apartment in the entire mission. I'm a little jealous. She isn't excited to go, but this is what we felt we should pray for, so although Heavenly Father answered our prayers, we are still experiencing humility in accepting God's will."

"Our other investigators are doing great. Our investigator's friend, came to church with us on Sunday. It was so great. She had a great time. My song on Sunday didn't go the way I thought it would haha- I thought I was singing one song, but then it changed cause it couldn't be played, and then I tried another song, same thing happened, so I ended up playing a piano solo from my Marvin Goldstein book. I played "Our Savior's Love."

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