Monday, May 12, 2014

"EW. Elders."

"Welp. Transfers were last week. The day of transfers, I was told that I got to go to Charleston to the transfer meeting. I was pumped. I was so thrilled- I was going to see so many sisters that I hadn't seen in a while! Well, we get to Beckley, and Elder Morgan, the zone leader there I think, said "Sister Peck, will you and Sister S stay here in Beckley? we will be back to pick you up and take you 45 minutes away in like, 4 hours." So they kicked me off the transfer train and my trip to Charleston quickly ended. LAME. But I spent the day with one of my favorite sisters out here, so it ended up being ok. I actually served with her on a transfer day in Christiansburg waiting for our new companions. If we don't get to serve a full transfer together, at least we served two days with each other (: We literally piled into a truck with 4 elders (with permission of course- it was just super weird. The whole time I was like, "EW. ELDERS." in my head.) and went to Taco Bell to get something to eat (fast food before 1 PM makes me sick so I didn't eat till lunch). Me and Sister S went to a pizza parlor for lunch while we spent 4 HOURS in Beckley. We met a lot of funny people, and handed out 4 of our 6 Book of Mormons. It was a lot of fun. At four, the elders picked us up (again, we piled into the truck...EW.) and we went to pick up our new companions."

"My new companion is Sister P from Riverton. What a powerful 5 days she has blessed me with. She has taught me a ton of really neat lessons about charity, and about how numbers aren't everything. She really opened my eyes as to what missionary work is all about. I have vowed to always strive for true charity with everyone I come in contact with. I will now teach as the Savior taught. I now see numbers as blessings- when we truly act as the Savior did, and love the people we work with as the Savior did, and worry about the things he did, and teach as he did, etc, the numbers will come on their own. We will be blessed with numbers for our efforts. I love this lesson of missionary work (: "

Press forward!
D&C 42:61 (what has become my personal scripture)

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