Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Baptism! Yeah!

"We met with our investigator every day this past week to prepare her for her baptism.  So before church, we came around 8 am (church starts at 10) to prep for the events to follow the block. We turned on the font to start filling it. We then went to sacrament meeting. Halfway through we went and turned it off, and noticed it wasn't quite full so we kept it filling. In the middle of Sunday school the following hour, Sister Pitt motioned to Sister P and asked "shouldn't the font be full?" so we went and checked it. Even though it was filling, the water level had gone down. We turned off the water. We figured it was probably something that had to do with the plug, so Sister P took off her shoes, hiked up her dress, and waded into the font to fix the plug. It looked fine and so she scooted it around to see if that would fix the problem. We didn't turn the water on, just so we could see if it would sit in the font and not drain. Following Relief Society, I mentioned to our ward mission leader that something was wrong with the font. He opened the accordian door, and looked in. There was less than six inches of water sitting in the bottom of the font. So he rolled up his pants, went down and noticed that the chain for the plug was stuck under the rubber circle that sits over the drain. He fixed it, stuck a brick on top of the drain, and turned the water back on. So as we're helping our investigator get ready, we're trying to figure out how to help the font fill faster. In most African countries, they fill buckets and pots from the faucet and fill their font that way...so that's what we did. While two of the elders went to our apartment to pick some things up (including my talk that I had to give and forgot this morning), two other elders and a couple of Relief Society sisters carried big pots of warm water from the kitchen to the Relief Society room and dumped them into the font as it was filling. I believe in the story of the five loaves and two fishes, and I think Heavenly Father helped us fill the font. It usually takes about an hour or so to fill a font. It took us less than 15 minutes to fill the font. What a miracle (: The baptism was perfect. The song went well, my talk went well, everything fell into place, but most of all, the spirit was incredibly strong. She is a brand new person. She came out of the water a totally new being. She will get the Holy Ghost next Sunday, and we are so thrilled!" 

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